2nd Anniversary…

When you have been married for two years you are supposed to feel accomplished, happy etc. but when your husband doesn’t like you it becomes difficult to celebrate. When your husband who you married doesn’t want to be intimate with you that makes things even harder. You can’t tell people because it is embarrassing and all they can say is that you should leave. What do you do when you don’t want to leave but everyone is telling you that you need to. Should you listen? People tell you things for a reason.

What’s worse is that now, you feel weak. You grew used to having a husband…someone to talk to, walk with, argue with, criticize….are those the reasons to have a husband?

Since, I got married, I thought he was sick. He didn’t want me. I thought maybe I grew horns. Or maybe I had horrible breath but the truth is that it just isn’t right and I have to leave soon or things are only going to get worse.


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